Notary Stamps & Embossers

Featuring self-inking and pre-inked stamps by Brother, Trodat, Vector, PSI, Ideal, Shiny, Stingray, Xstamper and more. We offer a variety of ink colors and notary seal designs. Most stamps ship within 1 business day of the receipt of any required paperwork. Xstampers take approximately 5 additional days.

If you need a new notary seal stamp tomorrow, please contact us for Next Day Air options. We recommend shopping by state in this category, as most notary stamps are state-specific.

What is a Notary Seal?

Your notary seal is the impression made by the notary public’s ink stamp or paper-crimping embosser.

What is the Difference Between a Notary “Seal” and a Notary “Stamp”?

Notary “Seal” and Notary “Stamp” are usually used interchangeably. For instance, some state legislation uses the word “seal” to refer both to stamps and embossers.

What is a Notary Seal Stamp?

Notary seal stamps are usually pre-inked rubber, which stamp a page to leave an impression with the notary public’s state, commission number, and other identity-verifying materiel. Every state has their unique notary stamp requirements. Some states require that a notary stamp be round, or rectangular, or contain the state seal.

What is a Notary Embosser?

Notary embossers are metal, and crimp or indent the paper with the identifying mark. Embossers create a dry, raised impression. Unlike notary stamps, which are usually rectangular, embossers leave a round impression. Embossers are not as common as stamps, because their mark is not photographically reproducible, unless the embosser is paired with an inking embosser highlighter.