As a notary public in the State of North Dakota, you have unlimited financial liability on every document you notarize. You do not want to take the office of Notary Public lightly. The North Dakota Online Notary Course is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way for you to learn what to do and how to protect yourself as a notary. Whether you are a new or current notary public, you should spend some time learning the laws. It's less expensive than an attorney consult!

How to Become a Notary Public in North Dakota
Step by Step Instructions

How to Become a Notary Public in North Dakota

  • Step 1: Submit the following to the Secretary of State’s office:
    • Notary Public Application
      • Note: An applicant who is, or has previously been (regardless of the expiration date), commissioned as a notary public for the state of North Dakota must follow the instructions provided on the How to Renew a Notary Public Commission page.
      • The name provided on the application must be exactly the same as the applicant will sign when performing notarial acts.  E.g., if a middle name or initial is included, the applicant's signature must include the middle name or initial when notarizing documents.  An applicant is not required to include a middle name or initial.
    • Notary Bond (SFN 19355) – The notary bond must be in the amount of $7,500 and must cover notarial acts performed during the term of the notary public's commission.
    • Application fee of $36 payable to the Secretary of State. (Credit card payments made by mail must be accompanied by a completed Credit Card Payment Authorization (SFN 51478).
  • Step 2: Obtain a notary stamping device with the Certificate of Authorization to Purchase Notary Stamping Device form (issued by the Secretary of State’s office after review and approval of the items listed in Step 1).

  • Step 3: Return to the Secretary of State’s office an impression of the notary stamping device on the Verification of Notary Public Stamping Device form on or before the date indicated on the Verification form.

  • Step 4: A commission certificate will be issued by the Secretary of State’s office after review and approval of the notary stamping device.  (Note: A notary public may begin performing notarial acts with the stamping device on or after the commencement date listed on the commission certificate.)


Commission Term: 4 years
Minimum Age: 18 years old
Residency: Have the qualifications of an elector as to age and residence. Reside in a county that borders North Dakota and which is in a state that extends reciprocity.
Stamp/Seal: Required
Journal: Recommended
Bond: $7,500
Application Fee: $36
Eligibility: Conviction by a court of competent jurisdiction of an offense related to the honesty, integrity, or trustworthiness of the notary which the secretary of state determines would render the notary or notary applicant unfit to serve the public as a notary.
Other: Be able to read and write English

Secretary of State, State of North Dakota
600 E Boulevard Ave Dept 108
Bismark, ND 58505-0500

Phone: (701) 328-2901