How to Become a Notary Public in Indiana

As a notary public in the State of Indiana, you have unlimited financial liability on every document you notarize. You do not want to take the office of Notary Public lightly. The Indiana Online Notary Course is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way for you to learn what to do and how to protect yourself as a notary. Whether you are a new or current notary public, you should spend some time learning the laws.

How to Become a Notary Public in Indiana
Step by Step Instructions

How to Become a Notary Public in Indiana

  1. Complete the Online Indiana Notary Training Course
  2. Fill out the application.
  3. After the application has been completed, the applicant shall personally appear before an officer authorized to administer oaths, who shall administer the oath of the office to the applicant.
  4. The applicant shall secure an official bond with freehold or corporate security, to be approved by the Secretary of State, in the sum of five thousand dollars ($5000). The bond shall be conditioned upon the faithful performance and discharge of duties of the office of the notary public, for the use by any person injured by a breach of the notary's duties.
  5. Each application requires a $11.22 fee. Each duplicate commission also requires a five dollar ($5) fee. Fees are payable by check or money order.

A seal must be used in all official acts of the notary public.


Commission Term: 8 years
Minimum Age: 18 years old
Residency: Resident
Stamp/Seal: Stamp or Embosser
Journal: Recommended
Bond: $5,000
Application Fee: $11.22
Eligibility: No major convictions where you served more than 6 months in jail
Other: Be able to read and write English. Hold no lucrative public office

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