How to Become an Oregon Notary

How to Become a Notary Public in Oregon

Become a Notary or Reapply for a New Commission
  1. Complete a training course. (If you are a reapplying notary with a current commission, the steps are the same but you do not need the educational training.)
  2. Meet the qualifications to be a Notary Public for the State of Oregon
  3. Submit your application.
  4. Pass the required online exam.
  5. Oath of Office.
  6. After the Oath has been processed you will receive an email from us which includes PDF copies of your Commission Certificate and the Certificate of Authorization.
  7. Print the Certificate of Authorization and take it to a vendor who makes rubber stamps. If you use an online vendor, it is permissible to email the PDF certificate. This certificate will contain the details of your commission, including your commission name, number and expiration date. The same certificate is used for electronic notarization technology.
  8. Once you have your stamp and have purchased your notary journal you are ready to notarize. Congratulations! (Please remember; if you have a current commission when you apply, you should wait until the effective date of your new commission to begin using the new stamp.)


Oregon Notary Supplies

Oregon Notary Requirements

Commission Term: 4 years
Minimum Age: 18 years old
Residency: Resident or Employee
Stamp/Seal: Required
Journal: Required
Application Fee: $40
Eligibility: Never had a notary public commission revoked during the 10-year period preceding the application date.
Other: Be able to read and write English, background check and revocation search

255 Capitol St. NE
Suite 151
Salem, OR 97310-1327

Phone: (503) 986-2200

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